Average Lifespan 100 yrs
Eye Color yellow, golden brown, blue
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Diet Carnivorous
Affiliation Nyova Alliance
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Biology and Appearance:Edit

The Argonauts are described as being bird-people as they have a beak, feathered wings, and bird-like feet. They even have bizzarre speech patterns that sound similar to bird-calls. Most Argonauts inhabit the City of Light. Where they live out their days peacefully. Most have strange feather-patterns with unnatural colors. But this was only face-paint, as discovered later. When the Drakoans were visited by shorter, paler beings millennia ago, the Argonauts where not discovered. But they did help the Drakoans drive out their pale visitors by supplying them with weaponry and strategic assistance. They have also been classified as being "half gryfon" or "half hypogriff" as some have lion-like or horse-like legs.


Argonauts once had a close friendship and alliance with the Drakoans. However, ever since Soulkeeper's betrayal two-hundred years ago, the Argonauts have been ever cautious of Drakoans. They believed that all drakoans follow in the footsteps of their leader. And because Soulkeeper was a powerful warrior, they cut off their alliance and the two species went their separate ways and have never communicated since then. But when Soulkeeper was destroyed and a small team of drakoans saved Light City from an entire pod of Argonoks, their trust was regained and the alliance was restored. But Arko, the current leader of Light City, was saddened to learn that his old friend Steelskull, had been killed by Soulkeeper's son, Snipe. And henceforth, the Argonauts were happy to help the drakoans find the Sword of Light. The Argonauts were trusted in guarding the Sword of Light five hundred years ago by Steelskull, Solfire, and Scorchclaw, the three Drakoan Council members.

Behind the Scenes:Edit

The Argonauts were a creature of mythology. They were described as being half-bird, half-man. But i have redesigned them to make them look cooler. The term "Argonaut" was not stolen from the British robotic talking dog in the terrible sequal to the original Spy Kids Movies(which in my opinion had great actors in the first and second movies but doing it even more was just wearing it out). I had found the name argonaut in the FATE: The Traitor Soul. And the Gryfon thing i made up myself. Argonauts are going to show up in further stories as they were a crucial part in the history of Nyova.